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Celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day

Digital image of Ukrainian people in traditional clothing holding the national flag to recognize Independence day - August 24th

All across Canada, communities will be celebrating Ukrainian Independence Day, on August 24th. As it has been 18 months since Russia invaded Ukraine, it is especially important for Ukrainians in Canada to mark this day. This is a time to pay tribute to the courage and valor of the Ukrainian people in defense of their freedom.

Thirty-two years ago, The Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine (Акт проголошення незалежності України), was adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR to reestablished Ukraine’s state independence. Commemorating the birth of a modern, sovereign Ukraine takes on more meaning as they continue to fight to retain that independence.

Canada is home to the world’s second-largest Ukrainian migration with over 1.4 million residing in Canada, including the more than 170,000 displaced Ukrainians that have arrived in Canada between January 1 and August 8, 2023. Canada has also been a strong supporter of Ukraine by providing military support and the training of soldiers.

Belroc Group has been able to do their part also.  By running different initiatives in the office, we have gathered together to raise funds in partnership with:

    • Operation 322 – Delivering Aid to Ukraine via the global RRT Rapid Relief Team. This program has raised over £1 million in funds in order to deliver emergency food and personal care supplies to those that have been displaced.
    • And, Individual employee contributions organized by staff members whose heritage is in Ukraine. They have diligently sourced and shipped much need supplies for those fighting on the front lines, such as socks, under garments, gloves, winter coats & boots.

On this Independence Day, let us all renew our commitment to learn about Ukraine, share sound information and fight disinformation, and contribute to effective relief programs.

To find an event or donate to a cause near you visit the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.