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Category: Senior Living

Fall Prevention: The Importance of Handrail

Causing just shy of half a million annual ER admissions at a cost of $5.6 billion* among seniors alone, falls are a major burden on Canada’s health services. That’s why November has been designated Fall Prevention Month – to raise awareness of the impact of

Senior living in a post-pandemic world

Some of the most heartbreaking stories of the coronavirus pandemic have been those emerging from care homes, where vulnerable people found themselves right in the eye of the storm. The virus infiltrated these residences all too easily and once inside, exacted a devastating toll on

Colour & contrast matter in dementia care interiors

Around 7% of Canada’s population is living with dementia, with approximately 76,000 new cases diagnosed each year.  While many of these individuals can continue to live in their own homes or supported by family, a significant proportion will, at some point, require residential care. Dementia

Overlook door frame protection at your peril

From facility owners to care home administrators and even maintenance staff, everyone involved in the management of senior living environments would agree that wall protection is an important part of keeping interiors fresh and hygienic in the medium to long term. Visit any care home