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Happy National Construction Day!

Our construction sector is one that largely goes unrecognized for the contribution it makes to 21st century life here in Canada.   A world without construction is a world without the buildings and infrastructure that form the pillars of a society where every citizen is entitled

Employee of the Month: Erika McConnell

One of our core values here at Belroc is improvement.  It’s something that can be interpreted in many different ways, but the ultimate outcome is the same – the drive to make things better for ourselves, our colleagues, our customers (and end users) and for

Belroc Values & Me:  Michelle Bailey

Belroc Values & Me:  Michelle Bailey Continuing our series of posts about our team and how they interpret Belroc’s core values in their work and their lives in general, we’re catching up with our Finance Co-ordinator, Michelle Bailey. If we’re going by stereotypes, ‘finance people’

Belroc Values & Me: Erika McConnell

As a business, it’s very important to us to have a defined set of company values.  Like any company, our team is made up of a diverse range of people with different skills, approaches and viewpoints, so having a set of shared values allows us

Belroc: Built for Human Nature

We sometimes describe ourselves as ‘Division 10 specialists’ – but Division 10 isn’t a term that’s widely used outside of the construction industry.   Division 10 refers to a whole range of interior specialties designed to make buildings safer, cleaner and easier to maintain.  But at
Amy Webb, Belroc

Belroc Values & Me: Amy Webb

There is something truly fascinating about the psychology of creating a professional team.  In businesses all over the world, groups of strangers come together each day to achieve incredible things, combining their individual abilities and strengths with collaboration and teamwork skills. When you think about

3DX©: Unique to Belroc

If you’re an existing Belroc customer or even if you’ve spent some time exploring our website or social media, you’ll be at least vaguely familiar with the term ‘3DX’. 3DX is the name that we developed a number of years ago to give a true

Procore: Achieving efficiency for our clients

We held our Quarterly Staff Meeting recently at Belroc and one of the things we discussed in some detail was our new project management software system, Procore. Of course, this was nothing new to the team, especially since Jon, Caitlin and other key staff members
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Earth Day 2021: Our position on sustainability

The world is going back to normal, but we can’t return to ‘business as usual’ – that’s the message from this year’s Earth Day campaign, which unites global leaders and environmental activists on April 22 to focus on a way of life (and business) that
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How our company values benefit you

A wise man once said, ‘if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything’.  At Belroc, we believe it’s important to have defined company values that we can look to when we’re pushing towards a shared objective, or even when things are going a little