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Category: Healthcare

Hospital Falls & the Use of Handrails

As the sixth leading cause of death among older adults in Canada, falls and injury are a serious health concern to hospitals and healthcare facilities in Canada. It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of seniors in Canada (aged 65+) will experience a serious fall that

Preventing Healthcare Related Infections

Curtains still remain the most popular means of offering patient privacy in multi-patient hospital rooms today. Have you ever considered the link between privacy curtains and infection control in a medical environment? The purpose of the curtain is to provide privacy to the patient during

Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Healthcare Workplace

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are proving to be a growing health and safety concern in Canadian medical facilities. Afflicting whom they will, from the CEO to the Housekeeper, time spent preventing MSDs is a worthwhile exercise. Perhaps it’s good to point out that MSDs are not

Hand Hygiene is Important, and so are Handrails

Experts in Infection Prevention and Control emphasize to us the importance of hand hygiene in Healthcare environments. And rightly so… the World Health Organization advises that ‘hand hygiene is the most important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent health care-associated infections.’ Needless to say,

The Design Impact of Obesity on Healthcare Facilities

In 2014, over 14 million Canadian adults, 18 years and over, had a Body Mass Index (BMI) classifying them as overweight or obese. [Source: Statistics Canada] It’s no wonder that obesity has been described as a global epidemic. And with it being linked to illnesses

The Patient Experience

A consistent message that comes through in many interactions with healthcare professionals, is that the Patient Experience – and the need to improve it – is an increasing focus in today’s healthcare arena. Perhaps the first thing to understand is that everyone has a role in the