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Category: Healthcare

5 ways to use CleanScreen in a care home setting

Patient privacy dividers are a big part of care home interiors; they ensure the dignity of even the most vulnerable residents is preserved at all times, while also making interiors more flexible for staff. The majority of privacy dividers in these settings take the form

Surface protection: luxury or necessity?

When it comes to finishing out the interior of a hospital, care home or other healthcare environment, there’s still a perception that surface protection is a luxury rather than a necessity. Of course, this is understandable given the fact that healthcare budgets are more stretched

Therapeutic interiors for pioneering mental health care

In November 2020, the third of four phases of the largest redevelopment in Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) history were officially completed with the opening of the Crisis and Critical Care Building and the McCain Complex Care and Recovery Building. The two

Patient privacy: Comfort & dignity when it matters most

Healthcare professionals know the importance of patient privacy is twofold.  From a clinical perspective, creating physical barriers between patients can slow or stop the spread of infection, while from a human perspective, privacy is a basic human right that is even more important for the

A guide to wall guards

Designers, specifiers and maintenance personnel all know that selecting durable, high quality interior finishes for healthcare facilities can avoid a range of problems down the line. These include the cost and disruption of remedial work; accidents and injuries caused by damaged interior fixtures; and poor

A guide to handrails

As citizens, we tend to think of handrails as a convenience – they make it much easier for us to move around certain spaces, particularly crowded environments and those with lots of steps and staircases. In healthcare, however, handrails are much more than a convenience

Upgrading 24-7 healthcare environments

Healthcare environments are always on.  From hospital ERs to long term care homes, the needs of the vulnerable exist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so when it comes to upgrades or refurbishment of those facilities, it can be really challenging. The

Press fast forward on handrail upgrades

“Don’t touch the handrail!” is a phrase we’ve all uttered at one point or another during this pandemic, especially when discouraging children from coming in contact with surfaces in public places. Along with door handles, ATMs and keypads, handrails have been identified as a key

Safer, cleaner shower facilities with BioStat curtains

Since the start of this pandemic, facilities everywhere have invested heavily in surface hygiene – a key risk factor for cross-infection when it comes to SARS-Cov-2. The surfaces that we regularly touch – such as hand rails, door furniture, elevators, keypads and even washroom fixtures