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Category: Healthcare

Space for healing

What springs to mind when we think about the ‘future’ of healthcare in Canada?  Maybe it’s space-age hospital facilities with lots of automated technologies?  Maybe it’s microsurgery and advanced, minimally-invasive treatments?   Perhaps more realistically, could it be a move away from inpatient treatments towards a

PVC panels hot on the heels of FRP

Are you already specifying or using PVC wall panels in your healthcare facility?  If so, you’re part of a growing worldwide trend that’s seeing demand for this hygienic, safe and sustainable material grow twice as fast as its fiberglass counterpart. Recent analysis of the global
Surgical room

New to Belroc: Hygienic PVCu wall protection

Surface hygiene in our hospitals and care homes has come under scrutiny like never before since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.   From walls and floors to doors and furnishings, the arrival of a new and highly infectious virus put an end to the belief
Wooden handrail and steel brackets

Why handrail and hygiene go hand in hand

By now we all know that hand hygiene has an important role to play in controlling the spread of Covid-19 – and we’ve all been soaping up, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and smothering our hands in alcohol sanitizer more than ever before in our lifetimes. But
Female nurse sitting on the floor and looking distraught

Caring for carers with quality rest areas

Exhaustion, burnout and post-traumatic stress – just some of the impacts that working throughout a global pandemic has had on Canada’s nurses over the past 12 months. May is National Nurses Month and it’s an ideal time for all of us to reflect on the
Building Under Construction with Two Cranes

Partner with Belroc to catch low-hanging healthcare fruit

Last month, Ontario’s Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy announced significant new spending on health care and new hospital spaces, with an additional $1.8 billion pledged to create more than 3,100 additional hospital beds in the next year alone. This comes as part of a $30.2 billion

Why use a standardized curtain?

Patient curtains have been a mainstay of hospital privacy and infection control strategy for many decades, and in that time their design has changed relatively little – after all, a curtain is a curtain, right? With the exception of high-risk departments such as the ER
Wooden handrail and steel brackets

Blending surface protection into care home interiors

Care home interiors are perhaps one of the most complex environments when it comes to interior design.   A large percentage of care home residents require long-term care, which means that the care home is not a ‘healthcare facility’ to them – it’s simply their home.

Patient privacy and its impact on hospital waiting lists

Patient capacity and waiting lists are an issue that affects hospitals all over the world, including here in Canada. Hospital waiting lists are ‘Erlang queues’ – that is, they’re double ended queues made up of people waiting to get out as well as people waiting

Better curtain hygiene reduces hospital infections

It’s been an eye-opening year for clinical staff, infection control professionals, facility managers and anyone for whom clinical hygiene is part of their responsibility at work. Preventing the spread of infection from patients and visitors to healthcare workers and back again has been a huge