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Category: Healthcare

Give flu the slip with surface protection

It’s officially flu season – and increased pressure on healthcare services plus staff shortages means it’s harder for infection control professionals to keep on top of hygiene. Find out how switching to hygienic PVCu surface protection can help take out some of the strain.

Mind the gap: Privacy for patient lifts

Patient lifts are an essential tool in nursing care, enabling healthcare professionals to safely lift and move patients with mobility restrictions without causing injury to themselves or the patient. Patients may need to be lifted for a variety of reasons including transferring to a gurney

Lockers: the ultimate guide

We talk a lot about patient privacy in the healthcare sector, which is obviously an important consideration – but what about privacy for healthcare workers and other staff within this sector? Healthcare professionals and the teams that support them within hospital and care home environments

A guide to toilet partitions

A guide to toilet partitions If there’s one ultra-tough but seriously underappreciated item in any public building, it has to be the humble toilet partition. Unglamorous yet essential, the quality and design of toilet partitions is central to the overall success of washroom design, especially

Selecting privacy screens: Top 6 tips

The link between patient privacy and infection control is nothing new, but events over the past 18 months have significantly upped the stakes when it comes to selecting patient privacy solutions for healthcare buildings. Hospitals in particular are looking to put robust strategies in place

Choose PVCu for easier clinical disinfection

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of surface hygiene has been brought more sharply into focus than ever before.   While keeping surfaces clean has always been a high priority for healthcare environments, the frequency and thoroughness required to stop the spread of

Belroc at the heart of life-saving care

Supporting life-saving healthcare facilities to do their best work is our privilege and a major driving force behind what we do here at Belroc. So when we were offered the chance to work with our colleagues at PCL Constructors on a project that’s close to