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How colour can influence washroom perceptions

Using the washroom in a public building is an experience few of us look forward to.  While our bathrooms at home are viewed as a space for wellbeing or even a sanctuary, there’s a large gap between this and our perceptions of public washrooms, which
Red Jigsaw puzzle being built by teamwork

Your Division 10 headaches, solved

We’re the first to admit that Division 10 is a wide-ranging and sometimes complex specialty.  It covers all the miscellaneous specialties including elements that protect buildings and the people that use them from harm, as well as things like cubicles, curtains & partitions, storage, grilles,
Public washroom cubicles, one with the door open.

Why European washroom design is a 5-star choice for healthcare

There’s no getting away from the fact that washrooms are primarily utilitarian spaces, designed with functionality and hygiene in mind. When it comes to facility design, the specification of washrooms has historically been a bit of an afterthought, especially in non-commercial settings such as healthcare. 

Value-adding expertise, available nationwide

Value-adding expertise, available nationwide As the second largest country in the world by land area, Canada is home to some of the most rugged and varied landscapes anywhere on Earth.  But from the highly-populated streets of Toronto and Ontario to the remotest northern territories, the
division 10 partner

More than a supplier: build better with Belroc

When is a building not just a building? The answer to this question is simple – as soon as people go inside. Once in use, a building becomes so much more than just bricks and mortar. This is especially true for specialist buildings such as

ASC comes to Kingston

If you’ve been following Belroc’s work over the past number of years then you’ll know that we’ve worked on a quite a few projects for All Seniors Care, one of the country’s oldest and most respected names in retirement and senior living residences. This business

Adding value: why choose Belroc?

When the chips are down, contractors need professional partners they can rely on and over recent weeks and months, we like to think Belroc has shown its true colours. We are extremely proud of the way our team has risen to the challenges of Covid-19

Working together for safer building environments

In every crisis, there are moments when the very best of human nature shines through, and we are seeing that over and over again during the current coronavirus pandemic, as individuals and organisations around the world put their ordinary objectives aside and pitch in for

What is 3DX?

What is 3DX? We talk a lot about 3DX at Belroc. As our customer, you might have heard it mentioned in a sales pitch or read about it on our website. But do you know what it really means? 3DX isn’t just empty marketing terminology

Do Your Vendors Speak Project Management?

When your organization is going through a major renovation or adding another wing, there is of course a need for a project manager. More and more often, even smaller projects are given a manager to ensure they meet expectations, and are completed on time and