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Case study: What to do when your curtain fabric is discontinued

Although inventory was impeccable, with a varying range of curtain styles, colours and age, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance approached Belroc looking for a way to update their existing curtain program.

The priority for the hospital was to simplify the change-out process with standardized panels as it takes a significant amount of time to complete a curtain change-out with the existing system.

One of the major obstacles we were faced with was the change in ceiling height from the main building to the addition, because of this, staff were required to use ladders automatically making it a two-person task.

In order to ensure we stayed within budget we devised a schedule and rollout plan to implement various areas at a time.  This would also include an inventory management document to allow staff to know where mesh belongs, how many are required for each bed location, and what to order if they become damaged, lost or in need of repair.

Belroc spends a considerable amount of time on-site to measure each area meticulously to ensure we can provide accurate information to the manufacturer and the customer.

How it’s laundered matters

Plus, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance launders offsite, requiring a personalization process to be added to each type of linen they utilize. To help with this, custom labels were ordered to make the laundering process easier, and each area was supplied with the required panel overstock to satisfy the amount of time soiled curtains will be offsite.

And the challenges kept coming… at Belroc, we were ready to take those them head on!

When fabric is discontinued

During the quoting process, it came to light that the original fabric was no longer available through the manufacturer as it was discontinued from the textile company.

Belroc spent the extra time with both our manufacturer and the customer, to source out the correct colour match from our Simplicity line of fabrics to match the existing colour scheme. Belroc has built a strong relationship with Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, over the years we have, and continue to, service their location with multiple products, including wall protection. This took our conversations to a whole new level, solidifying that Belroc could definitely meet the needs for the hospital.

Our commitment

Our commitment to our customers is to care for caring spaces by providing products on-time, with maintenance and warranty instructions, sometimes installation, and three months after delivery we return to site for a complete installation inspection and debrief meeting.

For the second instalment there have been further discussions regarding additional products such as carriers, where required, and if necessary, installation directly from Belroc. We are happy to work with the hospital’s space planners on additional patient capacity and expansion of units.

We look forward to continuing to work with Chatham-Kent Health Alliance to complete the remaining phases of this project.

InstaSwap curtains in a well-lit hospital room
InstaSwap snap curtain panel system
InstaSwap snap panel hospital curtains behind a hospital bed
InstaSwap full panel spread out

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