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Case study: Urgent handrail replacement, Nova Scotia

Shortcomings on handrail hygiene have been brought sharply into focus in the healthcare sector since the COVD-19 pandemic.  

Prior to the pandemic, many care homes were aware that their handrails should probably be replaced, but the arrival of the virus presented them with a need to complete this work urgently, at a time when it was logistically more difficult than ever.

In early 2021 Belroc received a referral from Inpro, one of our key manufacturing partners for handrail.  They had been contacted by a care home in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, that urgently needed to upgrade its handrail, and felt Belroc was a good fit for the project.

Shortly afterwards, we made our first contact with the team at MacLeod Port Hawkesbury Nursing Home  to find out more.

Handrail hygiene concerns

MacLeod Port Hawkesbury is a 66-bed care home offering a mix of residential and nursing care beds, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a home-from-home aesthetic.  However, following a recent assessment, they had been recommended by IPAC Canada to replace the existing wooden handrail throughout the home with a more up-to-date and hygienic alternative.

The client had an initial discussion with Amy Webb in Belroc’s Marketing Department, who determined the overall requirement and gathered floor plans for the project, before sending out a sample pack and measurement kit.  Due to the location and the restrictions resulting from the pandemic, we knew we would be unable to physically go into the care home to complete the measurements, but we already had a process in place that enables us to obtain accurate measurements from the on-site staff using a method that is simple and clear for them.

Directing the solution – remotely

This project was then referred on to Dan Lawrenson in End User Sales, who liaised closely with the client to gather more accurate information on the measure-up and style of handrail they would like – the team at MacLeod Cares was keen to retain the warm, welcoming aesthetics of wood, and had requested a specific product to match what was already in place in another area, so our sample kit was a valuable tool to reassure them that this was the correct choice.

With all measurements and scoping discussions complete, we were able to provide a quote in less than 48 hours.  The customer accepted our proposal, selecting the Inpro 910 round handrail with woodland colours, and is currently awaiting delivery of the product, which is on schedule for mid-April.

We’re very excited to see this installation complete and for the residents of MacLeod Port Hawkesbury Nursing Home to have handrails that promote better infection control as well as safeguarding their physical safety and mobility.

Inpro SPOTlight partner

This project is a great demonstration of the way that our 3DX process works to ensure a seamless outcome for the client even when remote location and extraordinary circumstances are at play.

We were also delighted to receive a direct referral from our partners at Inpro, endorsing Belroc as the right company to deliver for the client.

This endorsement has been further enhanced recently, when Belroc became one of the first organizations to receive the Inpro annual SPOTlight Award! Belroc has continued to receive this award every year since it’s inception in 2020.

This award is presented to a select few organizations who have proven to be valuable partners, not only for outstanding performance but also based on a respectful, mutual business relationship and the prospect of continued success in the future.

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