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Case Study: How small interior changes impact quality care

long term care canada

Often, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference – to how we feel, how we live, and how we work. But because they’re ‘only little things’, we’re prone to ignoring them or underestimating how much impact they really have on our day-to-day.

If you’ve ever heard the analogy ‘for want of a nail’ then you’ll know that small actions (or lack thereof) and can have a ripple effect that results in massive change, and this is something we see quite often in the course of our work at Belroc.

Of course, we are always honoured to be involved in the prestige projects and the groundbreaking new builds, but we gain just as much professional satisfaction from the smaller, more modest jobs – and very often it’s these that make the most tangible difference to people, both personally and professionally.

Caressant Care, Marmora

An example of this is a recent job we completed at Caressant Care nursing home in Marmora, Ontario. Caressant Care is a person-centred long-term care facility with a mix of wards, semi-private and private accommodation for seniors. Amid heightened concerns about Covid-19 and its potential impact on the elderly, the facility wanted to upgrade some handrails in clinical areas.

Belroc Project Manager Travis McCamley explains: “In 2019, Caressant Care asked us to come to site and offer solutions to replace their existing handrail, which was a residential-grade wooden product. This is not an appropriate solution for a medical facility because the varnish wears off over time, exposing the porous surface of the wood – this can become a breeding ground for bacteria and a source of cross-infection.

“We went to site and measured up, then provided two potential solutions including samples and quotations, but the client advised at that time that funding was in short supply so they put the project on hold until 2020.”

Fast forward to this year, and infection control had become an even more pressing priority for Caressant Care, who were keen to re-start this project urgently.

Travis continues: “We returned to site and re-measured to ensure the scope of work had not changed. We then provided updated pricing based on the samples we had previously left with the client – these were an 800 series and a 1000 series handrail. They chose to go with the 800 series handrail as this was slightly more cost effective and matched what they have put in other homes over the years, allowing them to achieve a consistent image.”

With the product specification agreed and the client keen to press ahead, we moved to install as quickly as possible. Since the facility would be fully operational throughout the install, this presented some challenges which our Installation Technician, Brandon McCamley, was well-equipped to handle.

Brandon explains: “Caressant Care removed, patched and painted the walls prior to the installation which helped to minimise disruption at their side as they were able to complete this work on their own schedule. As a result, the installation itself was quick and straightforward, but it did mean we had to work very closely with the nursing staff to ensure there was no impact on their ability to deliver care to residents. From a practical perspective, it was important that we worked as tidily as possible and were continually mindful not to create hazards for residents who were walking around the area while work was going on.”

long term care refurbishment hand railThe finished result, as with all good Division 10 installations, blends effortlessly into the care home interior – seamless joins and wraparound rails increase safety for residents while also protecting walls from damage caused by wheelchairs, trollies and equipment. Of course, the new handrail is also completely non-porous which makes cleaning easier and provides reassurance that germs have nowhere to hide – a little thing, with a huge positive impact on everyone from janitors and managers to nursing staff, families and of course, residents.

To discuss how Belroc can make small changes with big impact in your long-term care facility, contact Dan Lawrenson today –