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Case Study – Fox Hollow Retirement Residence

Client: Pomerleau Construction on behalf of All Seniors Care Group
Location:  London, Ontario


The background

Pomerleau Construction and their client All Seniors Care have previously partnered with Belroc on a number of projects and therefore we were delighted to be selected to work with them again on a new residential development in London, Ontario.  ASC is the largest senior care company in Canada with residences across the country.  The company takes a unique approach to elderly care with a focus on luxury surroundings styled to reflect the more classic tastes of their mature clients, and promoting independence wherever possible.



Fox Hollow is the first facility of its kind for ASC in that it offers a mixture of one and two bedroom suite options with their own living spaces, with support ranging from independent living to full nursing care.  With a total of 204 suites, this is a large scale project representing a $50million investment into the booming seniors care market.

An established working relationship with both Pomerleau and ASC Group made it simple of Belroc to move swiftly through the defining phase of this project.  A clear understanding of the client’s needs and expectations meant we were quickly able to establish the scope of works to include an array of wall protection, washroom partitions and accessories, lockers and floor grills.  The products supplied were also required to fit seamlessly with ASC’s unique internal aesthetic which combines luxury with bright and visually stimulating interiors.



In order to maintain the deluxe feel of their high-end facilities in the face of heavy hallway traffic, ASC residential facilities boast a high level of wall protection that is simultaneously unobtrusive and complimentary to the interior style.  Belroc worked closely with ASC and the design team at Pomerleau to devise a wall protection scheme that includes wall sheeting and door protection plus hand rails and bumper rails to optimise both safety and protection.

High performance washrooms for every suite plus public and staff facilities also form a large part of this project.  Belroc developed robust solutions using Bobrick partitions and accessories to create smart spaces that satisfy the practical demands as well as the aesthetic requirements of this high-end job.  The project is completed with the addition of floor grills at all entrance points to prevent snow and ice from being tracked into the building, and lockers for staff changing areas.



Belroc was engaged on this project from a very early stage, which enabled all parties to avoid issues which had arisen in the past.  In those instances, contracts were awarded too late for the necessary wall reinforcement behind handrails and grab bars to be installed in the build phase, and this had to be retrofitted at considerable disruption and cost.  At Fox Hollow, Belroc was able to consult with the contractor on shop drawings from an early stage, thus avoiding the problem.  Budgetary constraints are always an issue on projects of this scale and as work is ongoing, Belroc continues to liaise with Pomerleau, ASC and our own suppliers to achieve optimal value for money at every stage of the build.  Fox Hollow is currently on schedule for completion in Fall 2019.