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Case Study – Canada Royal Milk

Client:  Graham Construction on behalf of Feihe International
Location: Kingston, Ontario


The background
Feihe International is a leading Chinese manufacturer and marketer of infant formula, soybean, rice, cereal and milk powder.  Restrictions around the production of baby formula in China have led the company to seek out global opportunities for continued growth. Located at Kingston, Ontario, the new 320,000sq ft facility will be the first goat milk formula factory on the North American continent and the only one of its kind in Canada, with the location chosen due to its proximity to goat milk supply chains.  Construction on the project began in 2017 with Graham Construction’s longest continuous pour floor slab and operations are on schedule to commence in 2020 with the creation of around 250 direct and 1500 indirect jobs.


Graham Construction is among the top 5 construction companies in Canada and Belroc has watched with interest in recent years as the company has branched out beyond the west of Canada.  Graham Construction is a trail blazer in construction management and Belroc was particularly interested in partnering with them as the company’s ethos dovetails so neatly with our own – highly organised and structured, with very clear direction from them to us and vice versa.

Working closely with Graham, Belroc defined a number of key Division 10 issues to be resolved including personal comfort and safety for workers, protection of interiors in a high traffic environment, and stringent hygiene demands due to the nature of business.


As a formula milk manufacturing facility, hygiene within Canada Royal Milk’s factory is of paramount importance and this extends beyond the production lines into the fabric of the building itself.  Belroc’s programme of works includes:

  • Installation of Bolar floor grills at all entrance doors to prevent snow and ice from tracking inside
  • Protective wall sheeting for durability in the face of heavy cart traffic around the facility
  • Bobrick washroom fittings including toilet partitions and accessories
  • Lyon locker banks to enhance security for staff, and crucially
  • A complex system of access doors and chutes for soiled linens, enabling these to be processed without transporting them around the building due to the risk of cross-contamination in this highly sterile environment.


Work on Canada Royal Milk’s $200m facility is ongoing and Belroc’s schedule is set to commence in the second quarter of 2019.  We look forward to partnering with Graham Construction on this project.  In order to avoid raised tariffs on materials brought in from the US and other countries, Belroc has already begun working with Graham to bring the necessary materials to site ahead of the installation where they will be securely stored in a container until required, eliminating any unforeseen costs or time delays on this high profile job.