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Belroc Refresh: For effortless care home upgrades

Happy seniors living within a care environment

Undertaking the refurbishment of a residential care home is no small commitment.  In fact, the sheer complexity of these projects is a significant barrier to progress in this sector. 

If you were refurbishing a hotel, an apartment block or even a school, you would be able to mitigate for a lengthy period of upheaval while various aspects of the work – from construction to decorating – were carried out.  But in care home environments (particularly memory care) long periods of disruption are simply not sustainable.

In addition to this, the management of care home refurbishment projects can be challenging.  These projects are often too small to attract interest from large contractors with all the necessary skills under one umbrella, so care homes are sometimes left to source sub-contractors and co-ordinate the process themselves – risking further delays and costs.

What care homes need in order to keep their interiors safe, fresh and up-to-date is a complete, turnkey service from a partner with specific sector experience – and with our Refresh program, that’s exactly what Belroc can provide.

So why do care homes need to upgrade?

Of course, aesthetics are a big part of any care home’s decision to refurbish their interiors.  Styles change over time, and healthcare interiors suffer significant wear and tear, making regular upgrades essential.

Care homes that are bright, fresh and modern provide an uplifting environment for residents, and are of utmost importance when it comes to competing in a crowded marketplace – delivering the ‘right feeling’ for prospective residents and their families.

However, it’s not only visual appearances that are important.

Although they look very much like domestic homes, care homes are actually sub-clinical environments with an important healthcare function.  As such, they must meet many of the same requirements of a hospital setting when it comes to safety, privacy, infection control and occupational health.

Since code requirements are always changing, and design innovations are always being made, care homes must also stay abreast of industry standards and trends so that they can remain competitive, and deliver the best possible care for their residents.

A turnkey solution for senior living

It’s common for care homes to delay necessary refurbishment projects because they’re worried about disruption.  

These concerns are compounded when their vision includes multiple elements – perhaps replacing wall protection, upgrading privacy curtains, and updating aesthetic aspects like paintwork, wallpaper, carpets and flooring.

Belroc Refresh is designed to remove all those concerns and headaches by providing a complete, turnkey solution to any care home refurbishment project.

With more than two decades of experience, we’re experts in interior specialties that enhance and protect senior living environments. This includes wall protection, handrails, locker storage, washroom partitions & accessories and tub or shower room enhancements. 

What’s included?

Belroc’s tailor-made packages help care homes to create supportive living spaces that are fully code compliant as well as being comfortable, safe and easy to maintain.  

Our Refresh program takes this a step further by incorporating all the elements you need to achieve a turnkey finish with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.  The program includes:

  • Floor to ceiling corridor surface protection, including handrail
  • Full suite retrofits with painting & flooring
  • Code compliant washroom safety & accessories
  • Change & locker room privacy in pool or spa areas
  • Community room upgrades with lighting & furniture
  • Infection prevention upgrades for enhanced protection

A hassle-free process

With Belroc’s in-house offering, all work is coordinated and managed by us using our trusted interior design and contracting partners.  

As our customer, you’ll be involved throughout the design process to ensure that the proposed solution fits with your requirements on aesthetics and budget.

We’re able to do this successfully thanks to our proprietary project management system – a proven process we call 3DX.  By following the principles of 3DX, we’re able to accurately define the scope of work, direct the appropriate solution, and deliver a seamless outcome.  

Within the 3DX process, we’ll assign a dedicated project manager to oversee your project from start to finish.  This ensures transparency and accountability as well as eliminating costly delays and ensuring your expectations, budget and timeframe are met.

To find out more about the Belroc Refresh program, click here or get in touch with our team today.  If you’d like expert advice on an upcoming project, or even if you simply want to talk options, we’d love to help!