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Caitlin is leaving!

There aren’t many people who would be brave enough at just 21 to leave friends, family and everything familiar behind to embark on a whole new life – and when you meet a person who has the guts to do such a thing, it should come as no surprise that they are a force to be reckoned with. 

When Caitlin Palmer joined the ranks at Belroc in the summer of 2018, the word ‘force’ isn’t one we would have used to describe her – a mild-mannered English rose would have been more like it – but it wasn’t long before Caitlin gained in confidence and began embedding herself as a highly capable and resourceful member of the team.

Now, after three years at the company, Caitlin is leaving with her fiancé Paolo to set up a permanent home in the UK, and we are so sad to see her go, both as a colleague and a friend.  As we look back on our time together, we caught up with Caitlin for a chat to find out more about her Belroc experience, what she’s looking forward to next, and what she’ll miss about the company.

Hey Caitlin!  It’s been a whirlwind three years for you.  What brought you to Canada – and to Belroc – in the first place?

“I moved to Canada in 2018 to live with my boyfriend (now fiancé) Paolo as we had met when he was living over in England and we did not want to do long distance.  When I first arrived, I was looking at jobs in both Kingston and Ottawa as Paolo knew the area well having gone to school here.  I had visited previously when visiting Paolo’s family and liked the ‘small town’ feel and being by the water. 

I was looking for something administration-based as I had some skills from previous part time positions.  I found the Belroc position (originally a project administrator) through HR On Demand.  I had just graduated university with a degree in international business and Belroc was my first full time position. 

After attending the first interview I liked the values presented and also the smaller company feel, as previously I worked in a team of only 4 people.  I enjoyed working as a team, feeling like there was a common goal, and also having set hours Monday to Friday as previously I had worked in retail environments.”

 You’ve really flourished in your role, from those early days as an administrator through to a much more management-leaning role.  Tell us about that progression.

“In the beginning my role mainly involved making purchases, doing invoicing, filing and general project document control and organization and completing shop drawings.  As I started to find my feet more, I got more involved in the day to day running of projects including scheduling material deliveries, scheduling installers etc. for smaller & bigger scale projects.   Eventually I was given a few smaller install projects to run by myself which gave me a lot of responsibility and independence, and led to my promotion to Project Coordinator in February 2020. 

Also, in my role I was involved heavily in the client care department in assisting with tasks to help improve the flow of the department such as process development and also researching, finding and eventually implementing our Procore Project Management system.

I also like to think I’ve left a lasting stamp on Belroc by designing the new Belroc lunch area, including the kitchen design and carpet choices!”

So what’s next for you after Belroc?

“I am leaving Belroc to move back home to the United Kingdom.  Both myself and my partner decided that is where we would like to make our permanent home and so we will be moving back July 2021. 

I am looking forward to planning my wedding for 2023 and also finding a new role in the UK (although I am not too sure what doing!).

 I would like to thank all my colleagues at Belroc over the past 3 years I have worked with them for constantly being supportive, and gems to work with. Also the same goes for Belroc’s clients & their projects small and large, who I have had the delight to assist, as well as our vendor and subcontractor partners. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Belroc and wish the company all the best in the future!”

Our managing Director Owen Lawrenson took a moment to reflect on Caitlin’s time at Belroc:  “Caitlin joined our team in August 2018, and has been a solid and positive contribution to Belroc.  The original role she filled was a Project Administrator, largely a supportive role in the planning, implementation and tracking of projects and contracts. From the earliest interviews, it was manifest that Caitlin had potential, and she has grown in her occupation here to be a very key player on the Client Care Team. 

 “Caitlin soon advanced to the role of Project Coordinator, and with her ability to quickly pick up concepts, and in support of our value of Improvement, developed and implemented SmartSheet to a whole new level for our project management team.  With the introduction of Procore at Belroc, this is a further advancement which Caitlin has embraced and worked hard on to build the framework and setup implementation of this software.  We have been very pleased to have her on the team, and certainly wish her the very best in future endeavours.”

Operations manager Jon Pittman added: “Congratulations and best wishes on your new opportunity Caitlin! Your great ideas will be missed and your open and honest feedback will always be valued. Thank you for all you’ve done for the Belroc team!“

So that’s it – the end of one adventure for Caitlin and the beginning of an exciting new one!  We wish her well, and will miss her very much – but we remain hopeful she will return to Canada on vacation once in a while!  Thanks for everything Caitlin!