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Building for the most vulnerable

They say the measure of a society is found in how it takes care of its most vulnerable.

Right now, we’re in a time of significant demographic change, resulting in a need for massive investment in long-term care.  It’s estimated that over the next decade or so, Canada will need to double its long-term care provision, and work is already underway to put the necessary infrastructure in place.

In many ways, this is low-hanging fruit for contractors, especially those with previous long-term care expertise and established relationships with specialist sub-contractors – and not just in the more technical disciplines.

Just as outsourcing the wiring or the plumbing to a specialist contractor can save time and money while ensuring an optimal outcome for the client, so too can engaging a Division 10 specialist like Belroc to support on long-term care projects.

Deceptively complex

On the face of it, Division 10 looks straightforward – architects and specifiers select the products, and general trades install them.  But achieving the best possible outcome in long-term care is rarely that simple.

Contractors working in this sector are essentially the conduit that transforms the vision of an architect or designer into a real-life facility for the client, and the end user.  Along the way there are inevitably challenges to overcome and difficult decisions to make.  These can be practical, if the original specification is not workable due to infrastructural or compliance issues, or budgetary if the initial specification cannot be achieved within the fiscal parameters of the project.  In both instances, oversights can be costly, and as with any construction project, there are additional factors beyond the contractor’s control – supply issues or delayed delivery of materials to site can knock a schedule off, and lead to yet more expense.

Engaging a dedicated contractor for Division 10 reduces these risks. It allows you as a contractor to access specialist expertise that can add value to your work and ultimately, help you to exceed your client’s expectations.  With so many opportunities coming up in long-term care, contractors that can do this have a chance to develop their reputation in the sector and secure their growth well into the future.

Trusted by market leaders

At Belroc, we already work with a number of Canada’s most eminent building contractors and long-term care providers, and over the past two decades we’ve gained a wealth of expertise specific to this sector.  We’re very proud that these existing customers often seek out our expertise in the design phase of their new build projects, tapping into our knowledge to help them deliver optimal safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal for staff and residents, while also maximising value for money.

Belroc is virtually unique in Canada in that we offer complete, Division 10 packages.  This means that as well as accessing expert consultancy, our customers can source all the interior specialty elements they require – from hand rails and wall protection to washrooms and privacy curtains – under one roof.  As a result, they don’t have to worry about whether product A will be compatible with product B; we take care of all those concerns, as well as ensuring all products are fully compliant with building regulation codes.

Purchasing everything in one place also reduces the risk of supply chain issues and costly delays.  Gone are the headaches and mountains of paperwork associated with co-ordinating multiple suppliers, replaced by a simple, effective process that’s fully project-managed by us.

We’ll identify, source and deliver all Division 10 products to site as part of a mutually agreed program.  Belroc offers a supply and install service, but should you choose to complete your own installation, your personnel will still have full access to technical support whenever they need it.

We’ll co-ordinate the delivery of all materials to site, which means there’s no risk that one delayed delivery will hold up the entire schedule.  For remote or complex locations, our Project Pods service further eliminates the potential of logistical hold-ups while providing secure site storage and total convenience for tradesmen at the same time.

This commitment to seamless service and first-class outcomes is encapsulated in Belroc’s project methodology – a process we call 3DX, that is designed not only to save time and money by eliminating risk, but to enhance and add value on every project we undertake.

We’re more than just a supplier. As any of our existing customers will attest, Belroc is a specialist partner that can help your construction business achieve next-level results in long-term care, and build your strategy and reputation to ensure you’re ready to tackle the challenges of this growing sector head on.

To find out more about working with us, get in touch today.