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Hospital Emergency Wait Times... and Out of Date Surroundings

22 May 2017

In reading a report done by the Auditor General, it was alarming to notice that Ontario wait times were higher than the R.O.C., higher than Australia, the UK, the US, and significantly higher than Germany and the Netherlands. So, why is that? What is causing suffering Ontario citizens to spend more time waiting to be admitted to our hospitals?

It was put down to a number of things. One particular paragraph caught my eye. It pertained to a delay in moving admitted patients to ward beds and freeing up the ER beds for new patients. Part of this was a result of rooms not being cleaned in a timely fashion.

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Interior Renovations: How long do things last?

25 October 2016

How long will my facility interior products last? Here are some tips and tricks with each design element along with some of our thoughts of what to look for in each element if you are trying to maximize their useful life.

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Commercial Window Coverings – Why your Facility Needs Them

15 September 2016

Your windows have a significant impact on both energy consumption and employee productivity at your facility. Windows and their coverings comprise a major share of a facility’s budget, and can be hard to manage. Allowing for daylight, windows contribute to a favourable and relaxed environment, however, they can also cause...

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Improving your Healthcare Facility

11 August 2016

Innovative design is not a term typically used to describe healthcare facilities. Most Canadian centres constructed in the middle of the last century, were not designed with patient comfort in mind -frightening medical equipment, stark decor, and lack of privacy. As the baby boomer population grows older, many hospitals and...

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Efficiency and Adaptability –Two of the most important words in facility management:

28 June 2016

Facilities have always been focused on a positive reflection to their company’s bottom line, however, as a number of organizations continue to concentrate on metrics, others have begun to focus toward more personalized, customizable settings, and the ability for organization to innovate, while aiming to drive lucrative results.

Facilities are seeing the advantages of adopting new, alternative ways of working, while changing different business elements, including; design, processes, equipment, strategy, etc.

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