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Belroc Values & Me:  Michelle Bailey

Belroc Values & Me:  Michelle Bailey

Continuing our series of posts about our team and how they interpret Belroc’s core values in their work and their lives in general, we’re catching up with our Finance Co-ordinator, Michelle Bailey.

If we’re going by stereotypes, ‘finance people’ have a reputation for being quite reserved and maybe occasionally overly concerned with details, but in Michelle we’ve found somebody who balances these qualities in her professional self with a vibrant and fun-loving personality in her role as a mom, a grandmother and a dog mom too!  She’s a steady, stabilizing influence at Belroc with a wonderful sense of humour and this brings particular meaning to our goal of Synergy.

She told us a little more about how she’s living Belroc’s values at home, and in the office.  Here’s what she said: “When doing a task either at home or at work I try to ensure that I focus on Belroc’s values of Results, Synergy and Improvement.

Working together

“Starting with Synergy, I would say I find this much easier in my work environment than I do at home!  We have such an amazing team here and with the open concept environment that we work in is seamless.  I work with everyone and each department knows what finance expects from them and vice versa.  It’s an amazing environment!

On a personal level, I have been learning at home that my mental health and attitude is much better when I synergize with my family in regards to household chores.  I used to do it all, but over the last year I found that I was getting frustrated with the family for not helping – even though it was my own doing, for not asking or giving up the control.  Now we have charts of who is to do what and when it is expected to be completed, which also combines improvement on the home front too.

Embracing technology

“In terms of improvement at work, as I have pretty much been the lone wolf in finance for the past year I have been working with Owen to see how we can automate or even eliminate certain items in my role.  These are tasks or processes that may have worked a few years ago but with new technology can now be done in half the time – or maybe don’t need to be done at all any more.  It seems we are heading in the right direction as over the last couple of months I have been able to complete the month end reporting in the time allotted, something which was a struggle before!

Gold standard

“Lastly RESULTS!  For me this is my main focus and my favorite value, if you can have one – I am definitely a person who likes to see results!  I have a target for Accounts Payable which asks me to have all weekly AP bills entered into our platform and sent off for approval by the end of every week.  This means I don’t have a bunch to enter at the end of the month, and the result is I can start Month End on the first day of the month.  My other main Results focus is Accounts Receivable – this is probably the most important goal in my position.  If I am not bringing in the money the company could potentially stop running so my target here is AR over 30 days should be less than 5% of total AR.  This is quite a challenging goal, but when I am able to make it happen you would think I won the gold at the Olympics… the finance Olympics!”

To connect with Michelle, find her on LinkedIn: