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Belroc Values & Me: Amy Webb

Amy Webb, Belroc

There is something truly fascinating about the psychology of creating a professional team.  In businesses all over the world, groups of strangers come together each day to achieve incredible things, combining their individual abilities and strengths with collaboration and teamwork skills.

When you think about it, it’s an amazing testament to human nature and our built-in ability to work together – but it’s also true that great teams don’t just come together by accident.  It takes a combination of careful recruitment, respect, flexibility, engagement and most of all hard work to build a really successful team – and these things only come when a business has a defined set of values that all team members can relate to.

At Belroc, our values are Results, Synergy and Improvement. We believe these values sum up everything we are trying to do as a business and as a team.  The fascinating thing is that if you ask any one member of our team what these values mean, you’re likely to get a different answer – and it’s this diversity, held together by a thread of common values, that makes any team great!

Living values

In this series of blogs we’ll be catching up with various members of our team to find out what Belroc’s values mean to them, both personally and in their professional roles.  Kicking things off is our Business Development executive, Amy Webb, who by her own admission has bounced around a little in her time with the business, before finding her true niche.

Amy says: “In terms of Belroc Values, I would say Results is the area where I am most out of my comfort zone.  I simply do not find reward in tracking results, but I acknowledge that it is a critical part of business and important in everyone’s role, including mine!  So I have to schedule time in my calendar to focus on the results part of my role, which is largely related to the key performance indicators of Sales Qualified Leads and Marketing Qualified Leads.

“The quality and quantity of those results are equally of interest to me, and I try to rely on the fact that I am very capable in preparation and gathering feedback to help fuel my effort and to be successful.  Before the week has even begun, I am already looking ahead to the next one.”

Amy’s role involves talking to customers and prospects on a daily basis, so she has some unique insights into the Improvement aspect of our values.  She explains: “Feedback is key and there is always an opportunity to be better.  In sales, it is important to understand where the customer’s pain points are in order to provide the best solution.  I try and look at this from the full customer experience. One of my unique talents has been to identify where there may be gaps in processes and try to find way to make it easier to achieve a better experience.  This is not just for the customer, but also for my counterparts at Belroc. I enjoy working with other team members to help build a strong, clear, and consistent delivery to the customer.”

A winning strategy

As a busy working mom, Synergy is a value close to Amy’s heart – she knows all about spinning plates and keeping different personalities, interests and abilities working in sync!  We love her analogy around Belroc Synergy, one that most parents can relate to: “I have always had the philosophy that each player on the team needs to know their role, and everyone else’s, to get the job done.  I typically use a soccer analogy to describe this!  My role in Business Development sets the stage for the success of all the other roles, which is a bit like creating the play.  It is important that I do my job well in finding and verifying customer information, so the next team member is set up to do their job well -that’s the kick and pass. Then it’s up to Pursuits, Estimating, Operations and Finance to effectively move the ball down the field towards the ultimate goal – our client’s satisfaction!”

Amy brings an incredible self-awareness to her role; she never shies away from a challenge but at the same time, she’s not afraid to delegate when her skillset alone isn’t enough to get the job done.  “I am certainly not the be all and end all,” she concludes, “but what is important is to know yourself, your capabilities and to be where you can do your best work. Already in my short time at Belroc, I have bounced around a few times.  This would not be a surprise if you have ever looked at my resume, either!  I believe it’s important to find the spot where your personality and skills can be the most effective.”

To connect with Amy, email or find her on LinkedIn.