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Belroc & Pomerleau to deliver new care homes for Newfoundland

We’ve blogged recently about our new office in Canada’s Maritimes and also about our relationship with Pomerleau Construction, with whom we’ve completed a number of long-term care home projects over the last number of years.

So you can imagine our excitement when, after tracking a particular job for over a year, we received news that we had secured a contract to work on not one but two brand new LTC projects, in the Maritimes, with Pomerleau!

This is our first major Atlantic project and represents the beginning of what we hope will be an exciting time for Belroc as we get involved with the intensive infrastructure activity the Maritimes province is seeing right now. It’s an opportunity to deepen our working relationship with Pomerleau and learn more about other contractors working in the Maritimes, while also being instrumental in bringing premium healthcare facilities to the population of this stunning part of Canada.

Demand for Long Term Care beds is increasing

Canada’s population is ageing. In 2019 there were 6.5 million seniors and this number is expected to increase by an incredible 68% over the next 20 years – so long term care and assisted living beds will be increasingly in demand during this time. The Maritimes is no different, and the government has put a plan entitled ‘The Way Forward’ in pace to ensure that people in this part of Canada have access to the same excellent standards of care and the same outcomes as their counterparts in more central locations.

The contract for the new care homes was awarded to the group NL Healthcare Partners, of which Pomerleau is one – and we are delighted that they have once again chosen to partner with Belroc on this important project.

The two care homes will be identical facilities of 60 beds each in central Newfoundland, one located in Grand Falls-Windsor, and the other in Gander. Construction is already underway, and completion is expected in early 2021. In addition to a third, separate expansion project on another care facility, the initiative will create more than 343 person-years of employment during construction and generate $39 million in GDP for the central region.

From Belroc’s point of view, we recognise that this is an important learning opportunity. Our sales team is very much looking forward to the possibilities it will bring, in terms of spending some time in the Atlantic area, getting to know the people and the other businesses operating there, and uncovering future opportunities to expand our foothold in the Maritimes.

We’ll be sharing progress on this job once we’re on site in 2021. In the meantime, to discuss your next project with Belroc’s Long Term Care division, email – or visit our website at to find out more.