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Belroc: Built for Human Nature

We sometimes describe ourselves as ‘Division 10 specialists’ – but Division 10 isn’t a term that’s widely used outside of the construction industry.  

Division 10 refers to a whole range of interior specialties designed to make buildings safer, cleaner and easier to maintain.  But at Belroc, we believe Division 10 isn’t really about products – it’s about people.

We create spaces that allow people and the built environment to come together in perfect harmony for optimal outcomes on health and wellbeing.

If you’ve visited our website before, you might have noticed the phrase ‘Built for Human Nature’ on our homepage – and from now on, you may notice this more frequently, because we’re pleased to say we’ve adopted it as our official brand tagline.

‘Built for Human Nature’ reflects our commitment to creating built environments that put people first.  It’s about solutions that are intuitive, low-maintenance and virtually invisible in use.  It’s about balancing form and function, aesthetics with practicality – and creating better spaces to live, work and heal.  

It’s also about the way we work and our 3DX approach, ensuring that we manage expectations, promote excellence and ensure accountability – harnessing the best of human nature to deliver a seamless outcome both for our customers and for the  beneficiaries of the completed interiors.

We’re working with major construction contractors, architects, owners and facility managers alike to build a brighter healthcare future for all Canadians.  To partner with us or for further information, get in touch!