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Adding value: why choose Belroc?

When the chips are down, contractors need professional partners they can rely on and over recent weeks and months, we like to think Belroc has shown its true colours. We are extremely proud of the way our team has risen to the challenges of Covid-19 – but we’re not surprised.

Over the past two decades we’ve been working hard to build a skillset and a system that enables our business and our employees to be responsive and accountable – two key strengths designed to give us an edge over our competitors, that have also proved pivotal in our response to coronavirus.

We’ve shown agility during this crisis by bringing new products to market in response to a rapidly unfolding situation; but more important than that, we’ve shown genuine leadership and offered reassurance at a time when the goalposts seemed to be moving on an hourly basis, particularly for our clients in the healthcare sector.

This expertise and commitment to good service is what sets Belroc apart and it’s why we believe we are the foremost Division 10 specialists in the whole of Canada.

Our existing contractor clients will tell you that when you choose Belroc you’ll gain a genuine partner, not simply a supplier. Division 10 can be perplexing, covering a range of miscellaneous specialties including those related to washrooms, partitions, storage and safety which don’t really fall under any other division. Nonetheless, these specialties are often essential to the smooth, safe and hygienic operation of any facility, from a luxury hotel to a state-of-the-art hospital. As such, there’s a significant amount of regulatory compliance to satisfy when installing these items.

At Belroc, we aim to take all the hard work out of these installations for our clients. We bring decades of expertise on code compliance and project management in addition to our range of products, some from industry leading brands such as Bobrick, InPro and Hadrian, and others manufactured in-house to our own exacting specifications, based on years of research and hands-on experience in the field.

We use 3DX to deliver outstanding results on each and every job. For contractors and clients alike, this means a clearly defined plan including detailed scope of work and project scheduling that removes guesswork and delivers a robust yet adaptable framework for completion of each project. Our project management team all have construction expertise which is crucial for building relationships with site managers and other trades and in this way, Belroc ensures a smooth installation process with enough flex to cope with any hiccups that arise in the overall schedule of your build. We aim to work seamlessly with other trades on site to facilitate a hassle-free installation that meets or exceeds expectations on timing and budget.

Time is a commodity every contractor wishes they had more of, and at Belroc we not only understand, we work to procure materials or products and deliver faster for our clients while always maintaining our commitments on value and sustainability. Where specific challenges arise, we pride ourselves on innovation – years of expertise coming to the fore as we go above and beyond to devise bespoke solutions to individual problems.

These are our promises to our clients, and as a result, we have developed long-standing relationships with many of Canada’s leading construction companies who use Belroc as their preferred partner on new projects. We relish the opportunities these partnerships have yielded, including the chance to get involved in some of the country’s most exciting healthcare projects from an early stage in the design process, enabling us to shape and inform their design for the most successful outcomes. Based on mutual trust, these relationships meant that when our clients faced the unprecedented crisis of coronavirus and needed to respond quickly, they knew exactly who to call, and we were ready to respond.

To find out more about the advantages a partnership with Belroc can bring to your construction business, get in touch by emailing