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Accelerating long-term care: a challenge for designers

Creating spaces that function like healthcare but feel like home is a unique challenge – one that is vital for the wellbeing of long-term care residents across Canada.

Designers working in the long-term care sector are tasked with creating environments that walk a fine line between form and function, ensuring that care homes meet stringent standards on safety, hygiene and privacy while also offering a home-from-home feel that supports some of the most vulnerable in society to live full and dignified lives.

As if this wasn’t enough of a challenge, long-term care designers are facing unprecedented demand. The face of Canada’s long-term care sector is set to be transformed over the next decade after the Ontario government pledged billions of dollars to the Accelerated Build Program, which will create 30,000 long-term care beds within just ten years.

This ambitious program is already underway and employs a range of accelerating measures, such as modular construction and rapid procurement, to significantly shorten the typical build times for these projects.

Reducing time and cost in facility design

Designers and contractors working on these projects will need expert support from partners they can trust to understand their aesthetic vision, while also delivering fully functional and compliant interiors within a fraction of the usual timescales.

Belroc specialises in Division 10 – a catch-all term for the products that ensure comfort, safety and privacy within buildings while also ensuring that both people and the built environment are protected from harm. It’s a complex arena that includes everything from washroom fixtures and locker rooms to patient privacy screens and surface protection.

Our expertise lies in compiling tailored, comprehensive packages that address all the Division 10 requirements of any given facility, taking into account a broad range of factors including budget, timeframe and any existing architectural, infrastructural or human factors that might affect the materials or products selected. Belroc also boasts a wealth of knowledge on the most up-to-date code requirements, and we’re always happy to provide consultancy on a project in the design phase to ensure nothing is overlooked.

From a specification point of view, this means that the guesswork is removed from the design process at an early stage, avoiding expensive mistakes that have the potential to hold up overall progress. Many of our existing long-term care clients operate across multiple sites and we’ve worked closely with facility designers to develop standardised product portfolios based on their individual requirements. This means that when a refurbishment or new build project comes along, it’s swift and easy for them to select and order the products they need, replicating the same high standards right across their business. Our proven 3DX methodology allows us to manage the entire process from start to finish, including installation if required. The longer we work together, the easier it gets – so it’s really no surprise that many of our existing long-term care clients come back to Belroc again and again.

To find out how Belroc could support your design team to win or retain business under the Accelerated Build Program, contact Owen Lawrenson today – email