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A trajectory to success

3DX Customer Journey, Direct stage

We hope as our customers you are intrigued to continue to learn more in depth details on our unique 3DX project management strategy.


As a reminder, these three tiny verbs have a huge impact on what we do everyday at Belroc. So, without further ado, let’s continue on our journey as we come to the second stage called: DIRECT. The trusty dictionary definition is: To manage or guide from advice; to regulate the course of; administer, manage and supervise.

The DIRECT phase is all about setting a project on a trajectory to success. Once we have defined what needs to happen in a specific project, we move towards directing how it will be implemented. While risk is always a factor, Belroc stands behind our commitment to continually reduce potential stressors from manufacturing and shipping delays. We regularly complete risk assessments to ensure a smooth outcome. Communication with our customers is key. Each client has a dedicated point of contact so that communications are always clear and effective as we move towards procurement.

One key element Belroc focuses on happens often for the healthcare sector. We do our best to be mindful of any potential constraints related to time, budget and working within situ. Belroc understands that functioning hospital departments and care homes cannot always restrict the flow of patients and residents. We work with our customers to reduce any impact on their ability to perform efficiently in their day to day lives.

Before we dig into what the DIRECT journey exactly looks like and who the key players are, it is important to note projects can be simple supply only fulfillments or complex multi-year phased new builds and redevelopments, each with their own individual intricacies.

Project Handoff

The transition from the Pursuits Team to the Client Care Team is critical and needs to be as smooth as possible. We have a detailed forms & submission process that allows for the sharing of all relevant data gathered during the DEFINE stage, including but not limited to:

  • Project instructions, specifications, and drawings
  • Client approved quote or contract
  • Part numbers, sizes, and colours
  • Production requirements
  • Delivery instructions
  • Payment details
  • Key contact information

Often, with larger complex projects, there is a formal review meeting with all applicable team members.

Who you may work with: Project Coordinator or Order Processer

Project Documentation

Mainly administrative, during this step documentation gathered during the DEFINE stage is reviewed from the master file and contact information is confirmed. Site details and the full scope of work is added to our project management software, PROCORE. The estimate is converted to our financial software, QuickBooks. And an introduction email is sent to the customer confirming the order or requesting a start-up meeting. Part of that communication is the distribution of Government regulated Health & Safety and Insurance documentation.

Who you may work with: Project Coordinator

Risk Assessment

Every job or project comes with an element of risk, it is critical to be able to see a project 360°, and at Belroc we rely on our experience and know-how to mitigate all possible outcomes. Those risks can span from:

  • Supply chain breakdown
  • Increase product or labour costs
  • Inflation or exchange rates
  • Cash flow depletion
  • Safety precautions required on site
  • Lost profit or time analysis

Getting a clear understanding of all the components involved in the project, analyzing potential shortfalls or gains and playing out scenarios help to minimize any potential risky outcomes. It is important to work with the customer to confirm all parties are aware of these circumstances.

Who you may work with: Project Manager or Director

Start-up meeting with client

The Start-up meeting is simply a formal introduction of the Client Care team and the Project team for the respective construction firm or owner group. It is one of the more important steps as this is an opportunity to get to know each other and agree to the best form of communication: phone calls, emails, PROCORE, or another qualified system. Understanding the timelines of the job schedule is essential at this juncture to prepare our suppliers and production team to match what is required, and if not, to outline changes to capabilities so there are no surprises. Strategies, concerns, and potential issues from the Risk Assessment are part of what is shared during this meeting.

Who you may work with: Project Manager, Project Coordinator and/or Sales Representative

Shop-drawing submission

This step is the means to guarantee that everyone has a clear understanding of the materials that will be used in the project.  Shop drawings are compiled and organized by Belroc and then reviewed and approved by the consultant. This is the way we make certain the project intent is met based on the original plans and specifications completed for the project, or if an alternate is required. It is an excellent way to reduce errors, validate communication and safeguard everyone’s agreement.  This may require some back and forth to verify intention and clarity.

Who you may work with: Project Coordinator or Senior Estimator

Site-visit & measuring

Another way we mitigate risk, is to attend on-site to complete full measurements. Some of Belroc’s products are custom fit and require accurate measurements prior to production. This involves an experienced install team member to visit the site and follow specific procedures to complete a secondary review and real-time measurements. This is a crucial step for those items that come finished prior to being installed on site, such as millwork, lockers, wire mesh caging, and toilet partitions. In particular, one of the procedures is to verify there is adequate support and blocking in the walls to properly fasten these materials. This will help to avoid any unforeseen issues prior to installation.

Who you may work with: Sales Representative, Project Manager or Installation Team

Precise planning with key stakeholders and Project Management teams, supported by detailed measurements and expert design software, allows for us to build a process and schedule to best meet the customers need. By following these steps on every project, regardless of scale, we ensure our work is always conducted and completed to the same impeccable standard. 3DX brings clarity, vision and accountability to our work, and provides our clients with consistency.

This is where Belroc feels we can make the most difference. Want to experience 3DX for yourself?  Get in touch today to discuss how we can add value to your next interior specialty project.