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A seamless result

Deliver phase of 3DX

To continue our customer journey at Belroc, we have come to the point where our customers receive our products and services: the DELIVER phase.


As we have set out in our first two blogs, Define, Direct and Deliver describe our unique project management process at Belroc. Looking at the root of the word, the Dictionary defines DIRECT as: to carry and turn over; to give into another’s possession; to give forth or emit; to release or liberate; or to disburden.

Here is where vision and expertise converge to bring your project to life. Driven by a commitment to industry best practice, backed up by agile problem-solving, and facilitated by professional expertise, our installation and project management teams work in synergy with other trades to deliver your projects.

As a reminder, DELIVER, may appear differently for each project, depending on if it is a simple supply only fulfillment or complex multi-year phased new build or redevelopment, each will have their own individual intricacies.

Establishing site rapport

Right from the start communication is the key to the best outcome for our projects, building the connection between our operations staff and the client’s project team. Belroc prefers to attend on-site to meet all key personnel, gaining an appreciation for the physical surroundings. Installation Crews are orientated to the project and complete required training protocol, ensuring Health & Safety steps are followed.  It is important to know who is taking care of what components of the project and where responsibilities lie, a review of the schedule and product lead times is solidified, coordination of installation, and how communication will happen going forward is set. A healthy flow of communication is a big step towards a recipe to success.

Who you may work with: Project Manager or Pursuits Manager and Installation Crew

Transportation of product

Once an order is confirmed the customer is notified of the estimated delivery timeframe and specific details are arranged. When providing a timeline for the order shipment via confirmation email, Belroc will also provide tracking details and the installation instructions for supply only work.

Production and transportation must be coordinated to ensure items fit into the project schedule. Logistics is a key component towards the successful implementation of a project. Often there are site spatial restrictions, product may arrive on large skids needing special handling or equipment to move around the site. Determining who is responsible for the off loading prior to transport, eliminates issues at delivery.

With the current instability around supply chain, it has proved beneficial both financially and time wise to pre-order materials/product in advance of the schedule. This necessitates storage typically if there is inadequate space on site. If our warehouse can accommodate, Belroc will offer support by providing an Off Site Storage Agreement (OSSA). Materials can be housed at Belroc until time of installation.

Who you may work with: Project Coordinator or Order Processer


Everything on a construction project follows a series of steps as outlined by the project manager, and these steps tie into ‘critical path’ of execution. As previously mentioned, communication is such a key lubricant to keep everything flowing properly. Interior Specialty products provided by Belroc are highly specialized and require appropriately trained and experienced installers. Sometimes there is the added dimension of specialized security clearances to access restricted sites. In today’s environment, installers are in high demand and we need to confirm we have aligned these relationships in advance. Belroc has many relationships with experienced Division 10 installer teams across the country working with both union and non-union trade contractors to have surety that projects are fulfilled on time.

Who you may work with: Project Manager or Project Coordinator and Installation Crew


Belroc negotiates terms with each project depending on the size, timeline and if installation is required. Each customer must pass a rigorous financial application to qualify. Supply only projects are invoiced with the product shipment.

Most large projects run over a significant amount of time involving many billing cycles. Obtaining a clear understanding with the clients financial team, including expectations regarding protocols around necessary paperwork, help to ensure that we follow the set billing timelines.  Reviewed monthly, between the 15-20th, in order to have documentation out to customers before the end of the month Belroc’s Financial Controller builds the report and the Project Manager reviews before communication is sent to the customer. As we approach the end of a billing cycle both Project Managers meet to discuss completed work so there is agreement prior to the invoicing phase.

Not always a financial requirement, administrative requirements are also met with WSIB Clearance Certificates, Statutory Declarations, Time Sheets, BIM Records, Certificates of Insurance etc. Hold back is typically retained throughout the duration of a project, and this billing follows a prescribed number days after substantial completion.

Who you may work with: Project Coordinator or Financial Controller


Prior to close out when a project is substantially complete, a site review occurs to safeguard quality and completeness of work and any deficiencies are addressed and rectified. Close out will provide a Document Package that has all the necessary documentation as stipulated in the contract, this will eventually be turned over to the building owner, such as As-built Drawings, Warranties, Cleaning & Care Instructions and Inventory Maintenance Stock Information to re-order items in the future.

Who you may work with: Project Coordinator

Debrief meeting

We want to make certain that our clients have had a good experience in dealing with Belroc. According to Kevin Blanchard, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions, ultimately, just like we need breakfast to fuel us through the day, we need feedback to help us to perform at our best.  A debrief meeting is a great way to establish what the final outcome and experience was in fulfilling a project for our customers. This feedback and open discussions have been vital to building a culture of continued improvement at Belroc.

Who you may work with: Project Manager or Pursuits Manager

Strong communication skills and adaptability make Belroc responsive to each individual client’s needs, inspiring total confidence from establishing site rapport right through to the debrief meeting. Steered by our experienced staff, this hands-on process is dynamic and responsive to the needs of all stakeholders, inspiring total confidence and delivering a seamless result.

This is where Belroc feels we can make the most difference. Want to experience 3DX for yourself?  Get in touch today to discuss how we can add value to your next interior specialty project.