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5 ways to use CleanScreen in a care home setting

Patient privacy dividers are a big part of care home interiors; they ensure the dignity of even the most vulnerable residents is preserved at all times, while also making interiors more flexible for staff.

The majority of privacy dividers in these settings take the form of fabric curtains.  These are cost-effective, easy to install and also lend a degree of softness to these home-from-home settings, which is highly valued.  However, fabric curtains can also pose an infection risk due to their ability to harbour germs, and the difficulties around regular sanitising/laundering.

CleanScreen from Belroc is an innovative, solid surface privacy screen system designed for fast, simple cleaning – simply wipe it down with your existing hard surface disinfectant.  

Created by aerodynamics engineers, CleanScreen offers seamless design that gives germs no place to linger and has obvious applications for hospital environments. However, this system also has clear benefits for care home settings, especially in a post-Covid future where infection control in long-term care will remain a significant priority.  Here are 5 ways CleanScreen can enhance infection control and flexibility in a care home interior:

For isolation

The most obvious use for CleanScreen in a care home setting is for isolating residents who pose an infection risk.  Just like the general population, elderly people can pick up bugs that make them sick without needing to be admitted to hospital.  In caring for these residents within the care home environment, there is an increased risk of cross-infection by staff going in and out of the affected individual’s room. This especially poses a risk if patient curtains are used for privacy when room doors are left open to facilitate patient monitoring.

CleanScreen can be used within a room to create an effective barrier against airborne germs that’s easy to clean multiple times each day. This reduces the risk that staff will transfer germs from an unwell patient’s surroundings to other residents.  It also makes it easier to monitor an unwell patient within both a single-occupancy room or ward system , without compromising on hygiene.

For dignity

While many long-term care residents are able to lead independent lives within a supported living environment, others require round-the-clock nursing care.  It’s vital that these individuals are afforded as much dignity as possible, especially when it comes to tasks like feeding, dressing, toileting and personal care.  Since these tasks often result in the creation of aerosolized contaminants that settle on any and all surfaces within that resident’s room, hygiene is of utmost importance – and privacy curtains can present a particular risk for highly infectious germs like E. coli and norovirus.  CleanScreen’s seamless design and non-porous surface means it can be wiped down with your existing hard surface disinfectant for total peace of mind on hygiene.

For visiting

Many care home residents have gone for long periods in 2020/21 without being able to receive visits from their loved ones, much to the detriment of their mental health and overall wellbeing.  While testing and vaccination have a huge role to play in the resumption of these important visits, some degree of social distancing is likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future.  CleanScreen is an effective way to divide up open plan spaces such as day rooms into smaller ‘pods’ ideal for comfortable family visiting that minimizes infection risk to other residents.  The system is fully modular so it can be adjusted to fit any space, and is available as a mobile unit  for total portability.

For emergencies

Healthcare emergencies can and do occur in care home settings and if an emergency arises in a communal area of the care home, it can be very distressing for other residents.  Your portable CleanScreen is an ideal tool to have on hand when you need to create an instant visual and infection-safe barrier, protecting the dignity of the individual as well as shielding others from upsetting scenes.

For staff areas

As well as safeguarding residents, care homes have a responsibility to protect their staff against infection, and especially as a result of Covid-19, to put in place increased infection control measures even in non patient-facing environments.  This may include the establishment of one-way process flows within clean rooms and in-house laundry facilities, or physical distancing protocols in administrative areas.  CleanScreen is a versatile system that can multi-task throughout the care home environment with the added bonus of fast, easy cleaning.

To find out more about the benefits of CleanScreen in long-term care settings, contact Dan Lawrenson –