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To bring forth meaning; to explain and identify; to fix or lay down clearly; determine boundaries



To manage or guide from advice; to regulate the course of; administer, manage and supervise



To carry and turn over; to give into another’s possession; to give forth or emit; to release or liberate; to disburden

Define. Direct. Deliver.
These are the cornerstones of Belroc’s unique project management strategy. By following these three steps on every project, regardless of scale, we ensure our work is always conducted and completed to the same impeccable standard. 3DX brings clarity, vision and accountability to our work, and provides our clients with unrivalled consistency and peace of mind.
Step 1


The Define phase of 3DX is all about understanding and insight. During this phase we take the time to get to know our client and profile the end user of their facility to better grasp the objectives and challenges that need to be addressed within the scope of work.

Using this knowledge, we begin to formulate developing a bespoke Division 10 package tailor made to meet their requirements. A meticulous approach to the Define phase eliminates uncertainty and forms a blueprint for efficiency at every stage of the project going forward.

• Initial Review
• Documentation Review
• Outlining the scope of work
• Estimating
• Client Review
• Client Acceptance

Step 2


Once we have defined what needs to happen, we move towards directing how it will happen. Working within the healthcare sector this means we are always mindful of any potential constraints related to time, budget and working within ‘live’ facilities when required.

Precise planning, supported by detailed measurements and computer-aided design software, allows for a no-surprises process that exceeds clients’ expectations in terms of both performance and value, whilst minimizing risk.

• Project hand off
• Project Documentation
• Risk Assessment
• Start-up meeting with client
• Shop drawing submission
• Site visit & measuring

Step 3


The Deliver phase is where vision and expertise converge to bring your project to life. We favour a people-centric approach to project delivery that is rooted in great communication and joined-up thinking.

Our installation and project management teams work in synergy with other trades to achieve a seamless outcome, backed up by agile problem-solving capability and responsiveness to the individual client’s needs, inspiring total confidence right through to debrief.

• Establishing site rapport
• Transportation of product
• Installation
• Billing
• Close-out
• Debrief Meeting


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