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3DX©: Unique to Belroc

If you’re an existing Belroc customer or even if you’ve spent some time exploring our website or social media, you’ll be at least vaguely familiar with the term ‘3DX’.

3DX is the name that we developed a number of years ago to give a true identity and relatable meaning to our method of working.  It’s a branded, scalable process that we adopt on every project, providing a framework we can work through to ensure no stone is left unturned for our clients, and providing full visibility and accountability throughout their experience with Belroc.

3DX is divided into three clear steps, known as the three D’s: Define, Direct and Deliver.

Back in 2018 we made an application to copyright 3DX as a recognisable industry process under the Belroc brand.  Our aim in doing so was to make the term unique to Belroc – because we believe the process is unique to Belroc!

No other Division 10 specialist places so much emphasis on working with their clientele to ensure a seamless final outcome, supported by a dedicated project manager on every project.

From the very initial scope review in the Define phase, through to final warranties and maintenance documents in Deliver, we’re fully committed to ensuring that Belroc’s influence on your project is a positive one at every step.

We recently received notice that the required time period for the submission of objections to our copyright application has now passed without incident.  As a result, we’re delighted to say that from June 2021 the term ‘3DX’ will now be officially copyright and the intellectual property of Belroc – you heard it here first!

Want to experience 3DX for yourself?  Get in touch today to discuss how we can add value to your next interior speciality project.